Hair Development specialises in sourcing the finest quality European and Indian 100% Human Hair to guarantee the most natural looking extensions. We source and process hair from the most reliable and ethical sources to ensure quality and consistency. We offer total versatility and choice both for professional salons and their clients.

All of our European Supreme Quality Human Hair is:

  • Natural Drawn – this is a guarantee of quality and is the best hair available. Natural Drawn is the closest replication of our own natural growing hair and the preference of professionals. A full naturally tapered ratio far superior to single drawn. The hair is hand-selected to guarantee perfection and quality.
  • Remy – this means the natural direction of growth is maintained throughout our range of human hair. If the cuticle layer on the hair runs in opposite direction, it would have an effect similar to back combing when the hair is brushed, so this feature of our hair is vitally important.
  • Treated using our exclusive Protein Moisture Injection Treatment; this process finely coats each hair strand with a blend of micro-polymers to render the hair super-smooth. It gives the hair additional protection through over 100 shampoos to ensure it’s always in optimum condition.

Hair Development is respected industry-wide for sourcing and processing the finest quality Human Hair. We offer two main types of hair which are available depending on the system you choose.

European Supreme Quality Hair – The Original Range   

It’s back…..

This is our premium hair and is exclusive to Hair Development in the UK. The hair is the finest in the world and each strand has the micro-polymer cross linking treatment and perma moisture injected into the cuticle creating a smooth healthy and natural surface which will not tangle nor dry out. All roots and ends are trimmed and all face in their original direction and the hair is natural drawn. The innovative technology used in the production of this unique extension range can not be copied or imitated and is available in all systems, bulk, pre-bonded, mini-strand and wefted. The bonds, tips and wefts are the envy of the industry.  

100% Virgin Hair

This is pure human hair that is in its natural, untreated state. At source, it has not been coloured, permed or chemically treated in any way.

Indian ‘Remy’ Hair

The finest Indian Temple Remy hair, procured from ethical sources 

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We’re going a long way to offer you more!

Depending on the type of hair and system you choose, our human hair length ranges from 10 inches, to 24 inches. This variety puts you in total control of your style. Add length, colour or texture by combining different types of hair and systems to get what’s right for you.